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A visit to Akerne Orchids nursery in Belgium

Hey everybody!
I know I didn't post any message for a while: I've been very busy with many things, including plants of course.
Being now, the lucky and proud owner of a conservatory recently ignited my long interest for orchids and I've attended to thee orchids shows in the span of three months only. I visited Akern Orchids nursery last week-end. Ruled by Dirk and Diane Bruyninckx - De Langhe, this Belgium nursery is specializing in botanical orchids:
I first met Dirk at an orchids exhibition held in France earlier in the year. I was searching for a couple of companion orchids for my carnivorous plants when I was completely mesmerized by the many plants he showed me. I became enthralled by his Masdevallia and Restrepia in particular. I can now tell you that I am a new Pleutothallids alliance devotee ;-)
A few days, after that initial meeting, I decided to pick a few more plants on Akerne's website when I found out that they would hold an open day on the first week-end of June. What a delightful opportunity to choose my own plants! That day, with my good friend Françoise Braconnnier, we spent an exquisite afternoon and left with our baskets full with orchids...

Some general views:

Restrepia, Dracula and other Pleurothalllis...

A gorgeous Paphiopedilum rothschildianum
or an hybrid including this species as a parent. I forgot: sorry!

Coelogyne pandurata,
a spectacular species with amazing green flowers.

I think this is a Gongora species.

Maxillaria tenuifolia.
That flower exhales an incredible coco scent.
Gongora or Stanhopea;
I just can't remember... I was too busy doing my shopping :-)
Stanhopea frymirei

Bulbophyllum echinolabium

An unknown bizarre orchid
which was reminiscent of some carnivorous plants to me.
It looks like a mix of a lobster and Sarracenia minor ;-)
Dendrobium amabile

Annother unknow orchid. I really should have paid more attention!

The delicate Restrepia contorta

Masdevallia coriacea.
This particular specimen ended up in my private collection ;-)
Another Masdevallia.
 I don't know which one...
Masdevallia coccinea 'alba'
A Masdevallia flower which is about to open.
What an intriguing sight.
Let's end with the magnificent Masdevallia ignea which was the very species
that reignited my love for orchids a couple of months ago.

I hope you enjoyed that virtual visit!

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