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Pholidota (orchid)

The genus Pholidota belongs to the family Orchidaceae and the subtribe Coelogyninae. Genus that are part of this subtribe are usually terrestrial or epiphytic. There is great variation among leaf types of this genus; however, the flowers are usually small to large and appear upside down.[1]
Species of this genus can be found from India to South China, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Pacific Islands and all way through to Australia.


  1. Acanthoglossum Blume 1825
  2. Camelostalix Pfitzer ex Kraenzl. 1907
  3. Chelonanthera Bl. 1825
  4. Crinonia Bl. 1825
  5. Ptilocnema D. Don 1825

Species Edit

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