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The genus Platanthera belongs to the subfamily Orchidoideae of the family Orchidaceae, and comprises about 100 species of orchids. The members of this genus were previously included in the genus Orchis, which is a close relative (along with the genus Habenaria). They are distributed throughout the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are terrestrial and have tubercules.

Species of Platanthera

Many species can cross-fertilise, resulting in great morphological variety and complicating classification.
The type species is Platanthera bifolia (L.) Rich. 1817
More than 400 species, subspecies, and varieties have been described, of which 85 are clearly defined. Most of this are found distributed about Asia.
52 species from temperate Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), 13 species from tropical Asian countries (Burma, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines), 37 species from North America north of Mexico, 7 species from Europe.
They include:
  • North America:
  1. Platanthera aquilonis
  2.  Platanthera bifolia
  3. Platanthera blephariglottis
  4. Platanthera brevifolia
  5. Platanthera chlorantha
  6. Platanthera chorisiana
  7. Platanthera ciliaris
  8. Platanthera clavellata
  9. Platanthera cristata
  10. Platanthera dilatata
  11. Platanthera flava
  12. Platanthera grandiflora
  13.  Platanthera holochila
  14. Platanthera hookeri
  15. Platanthera huronensis
  16. Platanthera hyperborea
  17. Platanthera integra
  18. Platanthera integrilabia
  19. Platanthera lacera
  20. Platanthera leucophaea
  21. Platanthera leucostachys
  22. Platanthera limosa
  23. Platanthera macrophylla
  24. Platanthera nivea
  25. Platanthera obtusata
  26. Platanthera orbiculata
  27. Platanthera pallida
  28. Platanthera peramoena
  29. Platanthera praeclara
  30. Platanthera sparsiflora
  31. Platanthera psycodes
  32. Platanthera stricta
  33. Platanthera tescamnis
  34. Platanthera yosemitensis
  35. Platanthera zothecina

  • Asia:

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