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Pleione (orchid)

Pleione (peacock orchid) is a small genus of predominantly terrestrial but sometimes epiphytic or lithophytic, miniature orchids. This genus is named after Pleione, mother of the Pleiades (in Greek mythology), and comprises about 20 species. Other common names of this genus include glory of the east, Himalayan crocus, Indian crocus and windowsill orchid. The genus Diploconchium Schauer is generally included here. Pleione is abbreviated to Pln in trade journals.


It has been suggested that P. bulbocodioides, P. limprichtii and P. pleionoides could all be the same species.
Currently, there are two sections in the genus Pleione
  • section Pleione (includes the autumn-flowered species) : P. × lagenaria, P. maculata, P. praecox, P. saxicola
  • section Humiles (includes the spring-flowering species) : P. albiflora, P. bulbocodioides, P. chunii, P. × confusa, P. coronaria, P. formosana, P. forrestii,¨P. grandiflora, P. hookeriana, P. praecox, P. × kohlsii, P. limprichtii, P. pleionoides, P. scopulorum, P. yunnanensis

Natural Hybrids

  • Pleione × barbarae (P. bulbocodioides × P. grandiflora) (China - SE. Yunnan to N. Vietnam).
  • Pleione × christianii (P. yunnanensis × P. forrestii) (China - W. Yunnan).
  • Pleione × confusa (P. albiflora × P. forrestii) (China - W. Yunnan).
  • Pleione × kohlsii (P. aurita × P. forrestii) (China - W. Yunnan).
  • Pleione × lagenaria (P. maculata × P. praecox).(Assam to China - W. Yunnan).
  • Pleione × taliensis (P. bulbocodioides × P. yunnanensis) (China - W. Yunnan).

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