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Satyrium (orchid)

In botany, Satyrium is an orchid genus. The 91 species (as of 2008) occur mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. The range of 4 species extends to Asia, namely India and Sri Lanka. Hybridization is known to occur between several of its members. This complicates molecular phylogenetic studies, especially those relying on mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA sequences.
The closest living relative is presumably Pachites, which together with Satyrium makes up the subtribe Satyriinae of the Diseae. Other species with helmet-shaped flowers like those of Satyrium, e.g. of Aceras, Chamorchis and Platanthera, were historically often placed in the present genus. But they are not that closely related to Satyriinae, belonging in tribe Orchideae today.

Selected species

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