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Sophronitis, abbreviated Soph in horticultural trade, is a genus of small, epiphytic or lithophytic orchids, growing in the damp montane forest of eastern Brazil, Paraguay and NE Argentina. Currently, 65 species are recognized.
Sophronitis species are widely known for their red flowers, particularly Sophronitis coccinea. Between the time that the Brazilian Laelias were moved to Sophronitis and the reduction of Sophronitis to synonymy under Cattleya, the genus was also known for large flowered species such as Sophronitis purpurata.
In January 2008, the International Orchid Committee voted to reduce Sophronitis to synonymy under Cattleya.[1] The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has already moved a hybrid of the rupicolous Laelia that had been renamed Sophronitis esalqueana into the genus Cattleya.


Brasilaelia Campacci, Chironiella Braem, Dungsia Chiron & V.P.Castro, Hadrolaelia Chiron & V.P.Castro, Hoffmannseggella H.G.Jones, Lophoglottis Raf., Microlaelia Chiron & V.P.Castro, Sophronia Lindl. are synonyms of Sophronitis.
To "reduce confusion" Sophronitis has been reduced to Synonymy under Cattleya[2]


Many of these species used to belong to the genus Laelia.
Sophronitis purpurata
  • 23.Sophronitis duveenii (Fowlie) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Duveen's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Cipó).
  • 24.Sophronitis endsfeldzii (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Endsfeldz's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 25.Sophronitis esalqueana (Blumensch. ex Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: ESALQ's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 26.Sophronitis fidelensis (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: São Fidélis Sophronitis (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
  • 27.Sophronitis flavasulina (F.E.L.Miranda & K.G.Lacerda) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Southern Yellow Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
  • 28.Sophronitis fournieri (Cogn.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Fournier's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
  • 29.Sophronitis ghillanyi (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Ghilany's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 30.Sophronitis gloedeniana (Hoehne) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Gloeden's Sophronitis (Brazil - São Paulo).
  • 31.Sophronitis gracilis (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Graceful Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Cipó).
  • 32.Sophronitis grandis (Lindl.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Grand Sophronitis (Brazil - SE. Bahia to N. Espírito Santo).
  • 33.Sophronitis harpophylla (Rchb.f.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Sickle-leaf Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais to Espírito Santo).
  • 34.Sophronitis hispidula (Pabst & A.F.Mello) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Finely Bristled Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 35.Sophronitis itambana (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Itambé Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 36.Sophronitis jongheana (Rchb.f.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Jonghe's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • 37.Sophronitis kautskyana (V.P.Castro & Chiron) Baptista: Kaustsky's Sophronitis (Brazil - Espírito Santo).
  • 38.Sophronitis kautskyi (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Kautsky's Sophronitis (SE. Brazil)
  • 39.Sophronitis kettieana (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Kettie's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
  • 40.Sophronitis liliputana (Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Dwarf Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Ouro Branco).
  • 41.Sophronitis lobata (Lindl) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Lobed Sophronitis (SE. Brazil.
  • 42.Sophronitis longipes (Rchb.f.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase : Long-column Sophronitis (SE. Brazil - Serra do Cipó).
  • 43.Sophronitis lundii (Rchb.f. & Warm.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase : Lund's Sophronitis (Bolivia to Argentina - Misiones, Salta).
    • 43.1.Sophronitis lundii f. alba (L.C.Menezes) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase
  • 44.Sophronitis mantiqueirae Fowlie: Mantiqueira Sophronitis (SE. Brazil).
  •  Sophronitis mantiqueira var. xantoch
  • 45.Sophronitis marcaliana (Campacci & Chiron) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Marçal's Sophronitis (Brazil - Bahia).
  • 46.Sophronitis milleri (Blumensch. ex Pabst) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Miller's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
Sophronitis sincorana

Natural hybrids

  • Sophronitis × carassana (S. lucasiana × S. mantiqueira) (Brazil)
  • Sophronitis × cipoensis (S. crispata × S. ghillanyi) (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
  • Sophronitis × espirito-santensis (S. pumila × S. xanthina) (SE. Brazil)
  • Sophronitis x feldmanniana (F.E.L.Miranda & K.G.Lacerda) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase 2005
  • Sophronitis × gerhard-santosii (S. harpophylla × S. kautskyana) (SE. Brazil).
  • Sophronitis × lilacina (S. crispa × S. perrinii) (SE. Brazil).
  • Sophronitis × mucugense (S. bahiensis × S. pfisteri) (Brazil - Bahia).
  • Sophronitis x raganii (F.E.L.Miranda & K.G.Lacerda) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase 2005
  • Sophronitis × wyattiana (S. crispa × S. lobata) (SE. Brazil)
  • Sophronitis × zaslawskii (S. harpophylla × S. praestans) (SE. Brazil)

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