Thứ Năm, 18 tháng 12, 2014

Dendrobium albopurpureum

Dendrobium albopurpureum (Seidenf.) Schuit. & Peter B.Adams, Muelleria 29: 66 (2011).
Originally submitted as Flickingeria albopurpurea Seidenf., Dansk Bot. Ark. 34: 48 (1980)
Distribution: China (S. Yunnan) to Indo-China
Origin of plants/flowers in image: Chiang Rai province of Thailand
Altitude: about 45O metres
Flower size: 2 cm wide
The flowers last only one day and they seldom fully open. In the image "flower side view", the flowers are fully open. This image has been taken on a previous flowering. There have been four flowerings this year at about one month interval, my guess is that different pseudobulbs flower at different times.
Dendrobium albopurpureum

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