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Top 10 Best 9mm Pistol

A 9mm pistol is a handgun that uses a single chamber and barrel. It is called a 9mm because the bullet it uses are 9mm in diameter and the brass case is 19mm long. Hence it is sometimes referred to by 9x19mm. There are many people in the market looking for 9mm handguns to buy. So which is the best 9mm pistol out there in the market? Here are the top ten 9mm pistols counting down from the tenth best all the way to the best.
Notice : This specific article’s purpose is not pertaining to influence visitors to accomplish transgression. Yet it’s really a brief evaluation of pistols for our reader who adore it and has right to hold the item along, under their own country rules and regulations only. Therefore you should preserve our universe risk-free without the physical violence & have your great time to examine together with our top 10 best 9mm pistols in the world right here.
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10. Glock 17 Gen 4

Best 9mm Pistol – Glock 17 Gen 4
The Glock 17 Gen4 9mm handgun weighs 25.06 ounces, has a 4.48 inch barrel and uses a 17 round magazinefor standard (10/33 round magazine is also available as optional). This is the best glock in the market in terms of shooting because of its new technical design, real-world-tested and distinctive technological innovation of the frame surface and its three backstrap choices that enables it to fit into various human hand sizes. This is the biggest selling point for this type of 9mm handgun. It’s one of the best 9mm pistols in the market as we speak.
Glock 17 Gen4 with Optional Flashlight
Summary Info. : Polymer Frame, 0.71Kg/25.06 oz, 4.48″ barrel length, 17 round magazine, 530-560 USD

9. FN Herstal FNX-9 (Price $470-$500)

Best 9mm Pistol – FN Herstal FNX-9
The FN Herstal FNX-9 weighs 21.9 ounces has a barrel measuring four inches long and uses a feed system of 17 rounds detachable box magazine. It is made in the United States of America, an upgraded version of the FNP-9. It has a recoil operated DA/SA trigger with mechanically locked and a docket safety. User will feel very good when holding it in the hand, thank to the ribbed and checkered grip panels features. The pistol has extra backstraps provided hence one is able to change the grip fitment. You will feel uncomfortable with a new magazine wich is tight and snug to load in. Let’s the magazines completely loaded for several days, trouble will be solved. If rumour mill is to be believed then we might be seeing the FN Herstal FNX-9 replace the Beretta M9 in the United States military.
FNX9 Standard Accessary
Summary Info. : Polymer Frame, 21.9 oz, 4″ barrel length, 17 round magazine, 470-500 USD

8. Taurus PT 92

Best 9mm Pistol – Taurus PT92
The Taurus PT 92 has a weight of 34.0 ounces, has a barrel length measuring 5 inches and uses a 17 round magazine. It is a stainless steel model which is fantastic. It is a clone of the Beretta 92 but not only is it as good as the original it also has several improvements. This is a high quality piece which isaffordable and nicely designed. Pay no attention to what some of the Beretta haters might say.Since 1980, the Taurus PT92 did many modification like featuring third safety position decocker, adding three-dot sights and modifying box magazine from 15 round to 17 round to compete with Glock 17.
Taurus PT92 with Optional knife
Summary Info. : Alloy Frame, 34.0 oz, 5″ barrel length, 17 round magazine, 460-500 USD

7. Beretta 92FS (Commercial)

Best 9mm Pistol – Beretta92
The Beretta 92FS (commercial) weighs 33.3 ounces, has a barrel measuring 4.90 inches and uses a 15 round magazine. The most awesome thing about this 9mm is its range capabilities. It has great performance on range. This pistol is also referred to as the Beretta M9 and is the one currently in use by the United States military and the police force. This is probably the best 9mm pistol when it comes to range and it also shoots better than many other 9mm handguns. The gun can reach the target at 50 yard precisely. With a short recoil, delayed blowback system, the Baretta 92FS was tested and proved that it can handle a non-stop 17500 rounds fired. Another convinient is that you will never worry about the magazines and holsters market because this model of gun is very popular.
Beretta 92 with Crimson Trace
Summary Info. : Alloy Frame, 33.3 oz, 4.9″ barrel length, 15 round magazine, 560-600 USD

6. Baby Eagle II BE9915R

Best 9mm Pistol – Baby Eagle II BE9915R
The Baby Eagle II BE9915R has a steel frame and weighs 41.6 ounces. It has a 4.52 inch barrel and uses a 15 round magazine. It is like the CZ 75 in terms of handling but is heavy and has a very solid feel when holding it. It shoots quite impressively too. It has a very strong trigger which makes for a good double tap pistol and is built to last a long time. The pistol is a sturdy and durable design wich will last for lifetime. It is made in Israel and hence it is also know by the name IWI Jericho 941.
Baby Eagle II Standard Pack
Summary Info. : Steel Frame, 41.6 oz, 4.52″ barrel length, 15 round magazine, 530-570 USD

5. Walther P99 AS

Walther P99 Gun Details
The Walther P99 AS has a polymer frame that weighs twenty four ounces, it has a barrel measuring four inches and uses a fifteen round magazine. It has the best grip of any 9mm handgun in the market today. The grip is so good that it makes one feel like the gun belongs in their hand. This 4″ barrel pistol is not like others in the market, it serves holder a great shoot. It has a short and crisp trigger (for the SA model) like the 1911 combat pistol. It also has three backstraps for better hand fitment too.
Walther P99 AS
Walther P99 AS
Summary Info. : Polymer Frame, 41.6 oz, 4″ barrel length, 15 round magazine, 570-620 USD

4. Springfield XD m 4.5”

Best-9mm-Pistol-Springfield XDm 4.5"
Best 9mm Pistol – Springfield XDm 4.5″
Just like the Walther P99 AS, the Springfield XDm 4.5” has a polymer frame. The piece weighs twenty nine ounces, has a barrel measuring about 4.5 inches and uses a nineteen round magazine. If compared to the standard XD model this piece is great bargain since it costs just only 100 dollars more. The perfect match of gun barrel, a pair of 19 round magazines, with additional features which are included with are adding up the XDm value and reputation. You possibly can exchange out and about the trunk side handles to fit your hand as well. Your perception will be changed by its features. Springfield made this handgun with full size performance that pulled out the almost perfect handgun that all gunner are looking for.
Springfield XDm 4.5” Standard Pack
Springfield XDm 4.5” Standard Pack
Summary Info. : Polymer Frame, 29 oz, 4.5″ barrel length, 19 round magazine, 570-610 USD

3. Walther PPQ

Best 9mm Pistol – Walther PPQ
The Walther PPQ is also made of a polymer frame, has a weight of 24 ounces, a barrel measuring four inches and uses fifteen round magazines. It is German made and has to be handled with care since the only safety is the trigger just like the Glock. It has three backstraps for better hand fitment. Before you go out and by another handgun, try the Walther PPQ first because it has very good handling and shoots excellently. It has great aim as every shot goes where you intend it to go. It is a Walther so quality is very much guaranteed. It is also price the same as Glock and Beretta pistols hence it’s a bargain since its better than the two.
Walther PPQ with Flashlight
Summary Info. : Polymer Frame, 24 oz, 4″ barrel length, 15 round magazine, 530-580 USD

2. EAA Witness Elite Match

Best-9mm-Pistol_EAA Witness Elite Match
Best 9mm Pistol – EAA Witness Elite Match
The EAA Witness Elite Match is made up of a steel frame and weighs forty inches. It has a barrel measuring 4.75 inches and uses 17 round magazines. There are many people out there who think that this piece is a borderline race gun instead of a typical carry pistol but that is not exactly true since it is a premium shooter and is available at a good price range. The EAA Witness Elite Match only has thumb safety and has a great trigger. It is a high quality single action gun that can be carried when it is cocked. It weighs forty ounces and is about the same size and weight as an M1911-A1 when loaded so one may not want to carry it in the holster all day.
EAA Witness Pistol Line Up
Summary Info. : Steel Frame, 40 oz, 4.75″ barrel length, 17 round magazine, 580-620 USD

1. The Best 9mm Pistol – CZ 75 SP-01

Best-9mm-Pistol-CZ 75 SP-01
The Best 9mm Pistol – CZ 75 SP-01
The CZ 75 SP-01 the best 9mm pistol in the market today. It is made up of a steel frame and weighs thirty nine ounces. It has a barrel measuring 4.70 inches and uses 18 round magazines. The SP-01 is peerless when it comes to range and tearing up a combat course. If your shooting skills are just average then this piece could change your game. It is an improved version of the CZ 75b and is currently unmatched in the market today. That is why it belongs at the top of all lists of the best 9mm pistols.
CZ 75 SP-01
CZ 75 SP-01
Summary Info. : Steel Frame, 40 oz, 4.75″ barrel length, 17 round magazine, 620-650 USD
So there you go. You are now informed on the best 9mm pistols out there. People are coming with their own different tastes so pick the one that best appeals to your taste and price then go and get it.

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