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25 Hottest WAGs of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

  1. We kick things off with a nod to poor Natalia Velez. No, she’s not dead. Thank God she’s not dead. However, she was bumped off the World Cup WAGs roster at the last minute when her boyfriend, Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, proved unable to make a miracle recovery from an ACL tear thispast January.
    Incidentally, Falcao is one of the best strikers in the world, and with him in the lineup the Colombians were the favorites to win their group and go deep into the tournament.
    As it is now, they’re pretty much toast. So Colombians are doubly sad about this..
    NOT GOING natalia velez (radamel falcao) - colombia - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  2. One top striker who will be going to the World Cup is Javier Hernandez of Mexico, better known as “Chicharito” to his fans. One can only assume his girlfriend Leticia Sahagun will be there cheering him on.25 leticia sahagun (chicharito) - mexico - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  3. Mandy Captristo is a German pop star who’s dating German star Mesut Özil. Apparently she moved with him from Germany to England last summer when he transferred to Arsenal, so it must be serious24 mandy capristo (mesut ozil) - germany - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  4. At #23 we have our second consecutive WAG from the German team: Sarah Brandner, girlfriend ofBastian Schweinsteiger.
    As you can see, she doesn’t shy away from the WAG limelight.23 sarah brandner (bastian schweinteiger) - germany - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  5. Spain’s backup goalkeeper David de Gea is dating Spanish pop singer, model, and television host Edurne Garcia. He’s 23, she’s 28. So she’s almost a cougar. (Definitely a fox.)22 edurne garcia almagro (david de gea) - spain - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  6. Now this World Cup WAG is definitely a cougar. Back in 2011, this Lebanese-born mother of two, then 36, met then Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas, then 23, in London. They hit it off, started dating, and by April of 2013 they had a daughter together.
    The problem? Semaans was married when they met, and still going through an awkward divorce when her daughter with Fabregas was born.
    Awkward.21 daniella semaan (cesc fabregas) - spain - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  7. Her name is a mouthful, but Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani doesn’t mind, because she’s also really hot.20 michela quattrociocche (alberto aquilani) - italy - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  8. If you like hot chicks who post tons and tons of duckface selfies on Instagram, you should follow Laia Grassie, girlfriend of Chile (and Barcelona FC) winger Alexis Sanchez.19 laia grassi (alexis sanchez) - chile - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  9. As you might have guessed, Evangelina Anderson is one of those buxom British pinup girls who populate the pages of so-called “lad mags.” If you would like to see her wearing even less clothing (pervert), that’s as easy as typing her name into Google and hitting enter.
    Her boyfriend? Oh right. Yeah, her boyfriend. She’s dating Argentina’s Martin Demichelis.18 evangelina anderson (martin demichelis) - argentina - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  10. My high school French is a little rusty, but from what I can gather, Belgium’s Axel Witsel was with a gorgeous glamor model named Analicia Chaves for a while, but is now engaged to Szabo here…who also appears to be some sort of glamor model.
    Obviously, the guy has a type.
    And p.s., you’re really going to want to look at this picture, too. (You’re welcome.)szabp rafaella
  11. No, England’s Chris Smalling isn’t dating the deceased R&B singer. He’s dating pinup model Samantha Cooke. Big difference.16 sam cooke (chris smalling) - england - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  12. Let’s not forget that Shakira is a soccer WAG. The 37-year-old isn’t married to 27-year-old Spanish defender Gerard Piqué, but she is the mother of his child, so yeah.
    One would have to think things could get quite interesting in their household if Spain ends up playing Colombia in the knockout phase of the tournament.15 shakira (gerard pique) - spain - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  13. English midfielder Tom Cleverley is dating Georgina Dorsett, who I’m going to guess is a professional hot person. (That is, a model.)14 georgina dorsette (tom cleverly) - england - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  14. Ludivine here is married to French defender Bacary Sagna. (He also plays for Arsenal…hence the shirt.)13 ludivine sagna (bacary sagna) - france - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  15. Okay, here’s a tricky one. It is quite possible that Mario Balotelli is no longer dating the lovely Fanny Neguesha. In fact, since the last word we have on them is that they had split, it’s probably even likely.
    That being said, these lovebirds have broken up and gotten back together a few times now—usually because Super Mario says or does something really stupid—so I’m not going to declare them officially finished until one of them is engaged to somebody else.12 fanny neguesha (mario balotelli) - italy - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  16. Meet Sara Carbonero, sexy Spanish sideline reporter, as well as girlfriend and baby mama to Spanish all-world goalie Iker Casillas.
    I don’t normally like to say silly things like this, but in this case I must: they make a damn cute couple.11-sara-carbonero-iker-casillas-spain-2014-fifa-world-cup-wags
  17. Lionel Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo is okay-looking I guess.10-antonella-roccuzzo-lionel-messi-argentina-2014-fifa-world-cup-wags
  18. Mario Gotze, Germany’s 22-year-old midfielder, is dating 25-year-old German model Ann-Kathrin Brommel.
    In the immortal words of Jesse “Uncle Jesse” Katsopolis…have mercy.9 ann-kathrin brommel (mario gotze) - germany - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  19. Who is Neymar dating, you wonder? He’s dating Bruna Mrquenzine, an 18-year-old Brazilian soap opera star.
    Goodness.8 Bruna Marquezine (neymar) - brazil - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  20. A lot of people are picking Belgium as one of the dark horses of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. And while I have no idea if this will indeed be the case, I do know that the Belgians are going very well with the ladies. Team captain Vincent Kompany, for example, is married to Carla, here.7 carla kompany (vincent kompany) - belgium - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  21. English defender Phil Jones is just 22 years old, so he’s probably not quite ready to settle down. However, if I were him, I’d want to go ahead and lock this model girlfriend into a longterm commitment. Because damn.6 kaya hall (phil jones) - england - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  22. Holland’s Wesley Sneijder was one of the biggest reasons why his team made it to the finals of the World Cup in 2010. And his wife is really hot.5 yolanthe sneijder-cabau (wesley sneijder) - netherlands holland - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  23. Recently Spanish star Sergio Ramos was spotted at a Victoria’s Secret in a Washington D.C. mall with a bunch of his teammates. This is the woman for whom he was shopping. Her name is Pilar Rubio, she’s a Spanish TV presenter, and if I were dating her I’d buy her sexy underwear every single day4 pilar rubio (sergio ramos) - spain - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  24. This year will mark Bosnia and Herzigovina’s first ever apperance at the FIFA World Cup. To celebrate, Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko went out and got the hottest woman in Bosnia to be his girlfriend. (Surprise: she’s a model!)3 amra silajdzic (edin dzeko) - bosnia - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  25. This is Melissa Satta, the girlfriend of Ghana’s Kevin-Prince Boateng who once told Vanity Fair that her boyfriend is injured so often because they have tons of hot sex.
    Seriously.3 amra silajdzic (edin dzeko) - bosnia - 2014 fifa world cup wags
  26. No surprise here. Taking the top spot in our World Cup WAG rankings is Irina Shayk, Victoria’s Secret supermodel and girlfriend of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
    Kinda makes you want to punch something, doesn’t it? Like maybe Cristiano Ronaldo’s face?1 irina shayk (cristiano ronaldo) - portugal - 2014 fifa world cup wags

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