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Top 10 Swimsuit Bodies at Miss Universe 2015

One of the main reasons why I love the Miss Universe pageant so much is the swimsuit competition! These women from around the world display the most amazing physiques and look amazing on stage. This year we saw many athletic builds with great lean muscle and beautiful feminine curves. Here are my picks for the top 10 swimsuit bodies of the competition, starting at number 10 and leading up to the best of the best!
10. Miss Philippines
Starting off the list we have the new Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Pia has beautiful long legs and a very feminine figure. Although she isn’t necessarily defined, you can tell that she worked hard for her body and the results are beautiful. To get this type of body shape it is most important to eat clean and stick to cardio-based exercises. (Read: Top 5 Ways to Burn More Fat Doing Cardio)
9. Miss Bolivia
Next we have Miss Bolivia, Romina RocaMonje. This latin beauty has a toned and tiny waist, sexy hips, and curves from the waist down. She is proof that stick-skinny isn’t always the best look and that you can have curves in all the right places. Genetics play a big role in this look but I am willing to bet that she put in a lot of work to get nice and toned.
8. Miss British Virgin Islands
At the #8 spot we have Miss British Virgin Islands, Adorya Rocio Baly. What a powerhouse! She has probably the most athletic build on stage this year. Not only does she have amazing abs, but her shoulders and upper body look great, too! To get these guns, a girl would have to focus on low weight and high reps with shoulder and arm exercises. Time to hit the weights! (Read: How to Lift Weights And Not Get Bulky)
7. Miss Brazil
Next is Miss Brazil, Marthina Brandt. You can tell Marthina has very long lines with a small frame. Her lean legs and abs are absolutely beautiful! Genetics were also a big factor in this look but so was a strict diet. You can’t get this body without eating clean and doing cardio.
6. Miss Australia
Next up is Miss Australia, Monika Radulovic. She is proof that a spray tan is a necessity for a good stage look! Doesn’t her tan look wonderful?! Monika has an amazing core and wonderful curves. Not to mention her hips definitely don’t lie! Australia is another example of fit, sexy and curvy!
5. Miss Dominican Republic
At #5 we have Miss Dominican Republic, Clarissa Molina. I’m not sure if it was her dazzling smile or young look, but Clarissa was one of my favorites this year. She is absolutely beautiful and looked like she was having fun onstage! Again, her legs are curvy and her waist is tiny, which shows her hard work both in the kitchen and at the gym.
4. Miss South Africa
Next we have the lovely Miss South Africa, Refilwe Mthimunye. This woman is gorgeous and has a different body type than the latina ladies and other contestants in this top 10 list. Her legs looked beautiful and she presented herself wonderfully onstage. Good luck pronouncing her name, though! …And yet a rose by any other name… 
3. Miss Venezuela
Starting the top 3 we have Miss Venezuela, Mariana Jimenez. Mariana is absolutely beautiful with her long legs, toned tummy, and total package look. She is one of my favorite examples of a total package! The best way to get this look is by eating clean and training mean with both cardio and resistance training.
2. Miss Colombia
At #2 we have Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. She might be the sexiest girl on stage this year! The latin ladies definitely represented this year and brought some beautiful bodies! Ariadna has an amazing body. She has muscular legs and a very small waist, which again shows hard work and dedication in the gym and in the kitchen.
1. Miss USA!!!
The best swimsuit body this year was Miss USA, Olivia Jordan. This was by far my favorite look onstage this year. She is absolutely beautiful and has the best lean, long muscle definition. Her abs were definitely made in the kitchen! Just looking at her you can tell that she put in serious work while she prepared for Miss Universe.
I would love to hear who your favorites were this year! Feel free to contact us with your thoughts, questions and concerns! 

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