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Aganisia is a small South American genus in the orchid family (Orchidaceae), subfamily Epidendroideae.[2][3]
The genus was named after the Greek word ‘agnos’ (gratitude), perhaps referring to the sweet scent of its flowers.
These dwarf, epiphytic climbing orchids occur in mountainous or savanna forests and alongside rivers in TrinidadBrazilColombia,VenezuelaGuyanaFrench GuianaSuriname and Peru.[1]
Four species are currently recognized (May 2014):[1]
  1. Aganisia cyanea (Lindl.) Rchb.f. - Blue orchid - VenezuelaColombiaPeruBrazil
  2. Aganisia fimbriata Rchb.f. - BrazilVenezuelaColombiaPeruGuyanaSuriname
  3. Aganisia pulchella Lindl. - TrinidadFrench GuianaSurinameGuyanaVenezuelaBrazil
  4. Aganisia rosariana (V.P.Castro & J.B.F.Silva) F.Barros & L.R.S.Guim. - Brazil (Rondônia)

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